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Welcome to 2023!

@ 2023-01-03, 6:12pm

2022 was a busy time, for sure. I played a few DJ sets—AniCLoversary III, AniCLover in the Park, and capped off the year with an uplifting trance set at Anikura Unison 2023. I'm going to have to do a bit more work to dig up (or re-create) uncut audio recordings for those first two, but they are on AniCLover's Youtube Channel: AniCLoversary III | In the Park.

Happy New Year!

@ 2022-01-04, 6:47pm

I recorded a slightly cleaner studio version of my mix for Anikura Unison Countdown, a huge 64-DJ event to ring in the new year with over 40 hours of anime-club music while raising over $5000 for Doctors Without Borders. I played a 40-minute bass music set of mostly indie Japanese and anime-adjacent artists, and had a total blast. The video recording should be on AniCLover's Youtube channel sometime soon for those who'd like to watch me headbang along. I also uploaded the mix I did for AniCLover's first anniversary event way back in August 2020.

Catch Our Fire!

@ 2021-05-25, 3:13am

I've added mixes from two recent online shows I did, most recently a music game event called "Catch Our Fire!" hosted by AniCLover. For that set I put together a medley of songs featured in four music games I didn't cover at all in my 20,CLovember set: Beat Saber, Neon FM, Wacca, and MUSYNX. The whole show was a blast, so check it out if you need, like 5 hours of music game jams to power your day/night/whatever. I've also added the recording of my mix from Kitchencore EX2, back in March. The full show is available for that one as an MP3 album.


@ 2020-11-22, 10:17pm

I did a mix for 20,CLovember, a celebration of music games named in honor of the legendary DJ nagureo track from the very first beatmania game and hosted by AniCLover, the anime club music event. It's a dense 39-and-a-half minute tribute to several games I love, especial DJMAX Technika and Dance Dance Revolution. The premise I started with was, "MAX 300 BPM (in other words, 150 BPM)."

Kitchencore EX

@ 2020-07-26, 8:04pm

Kitchencore EX was an all-online live event from Kitchencore. I contributed a pre-recorded mix as part of the event. My mix's tagline was: I ascended to a virtual world where life's HARD, but it's still better than 2020. Fair warning, I went HARD with this mix.

Track listing is available in the ID3 tags.

I'll also be backfilling some older recordings from DJ events I've done here.